Monday, September 15, 2008

Harding Humor Knows What You Did Last Summer

Late summer has yielded several hurricanes and tropical storms. Although Searcy was mostly unaffected by these storms on very strong piece of Hurricane Ike reformed right in the living room of this house occupied by none other than Robert Dillinger and Christopher Woody. Here they survey the damage upon their return from Chuck E Cheese where the two participated in an epic skeeball tourney, which ended in a victory by skeeball champion Dr. David Burks. If any students feel compelled to assist these two in reassembling their lives, don't. They are bums, they had it coming to them. Looks like HH wasn't the only one that caught up with you two this summer. On behalf of mother nature and HH: Caught Ya!


Dr. Burt said...

So, not to change the subject, but what is "Harding Humor's" response to "The Weather Report" Are you guys ready to take to the streets to defend your corner of the Harding satire universe? Can we expect some sort of boxing match between "HH" and the anonymous writers of "TWR"? Just curious.

Per Ring Out The News said...

and when did chris woody get back into town?