Monday, September 7, 2009

Harding Humor Knows What You Did Last Summer!!!!

Another Fall, Another Summer past, and we're still stalking you.

This summer Ike Peters worked as a professional dance partner on Animal Planet's Dancing With the Animal Stars! Here he is rehearsing with his partner Buster, the dog that played Andrew (the dog with the ears) from Mary Poppins. Unfortunately Buster didn't do well in the competition and in a fit of rage marked Ike out for his own trainer, keeping other animals from dancing with him and thoroughly grossing out everyone else. Well, here's a tip from HH: Next time dance with the gimpy goose from Fly Away Home, that kid is gonna make it, he's a survivor. Just remember, whether you follow our advice or not, HH will know what you're doing!

1 comment:

Ike said...

Unfair call, if you ask me...Ike Peters.