Friday, September 12, 2008

Harding Humor Knows What You Did Last Summer

Noah Gregersen

Noah Gregersen died this summer when he was viciously mauled by a bear. The bear has since been institutionalized for its compulsive attacks. The bear lured Noah over by growling that it had a piece of Salmon in its pocket. The bear then asked Noah if he would like a free hug sponsored by Delta Chi Delta and Regina. Noah accepted and asked if his friend would take this picture. After the hug the bear decided it wanted to taste Noah's spleen and it was all downhill from there. RIP Noah Gregersen. We will miss you.


Becca said...

I was there! I took that picture! It was the most tragic event of my life. I'm still wearing all black to express the most heartfelt mourning I've gone through in my life.

Per Ring Out The News said...

my heart is weeping for this loss. i his bed. i spent the most time there.