Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Blurb Number#

This is our first "number", and with pledge week coming up we thought we'd dedicate this entry to Harding's Social Clubs. So without further ado Harding Humor gives you... "The Blurb Number#"

Blurbs for Harding's Social Clubs:

Knights: "Everything goes with naked."

Ju Go Ju: "Aren't we adorable, daddy?"

Zeta Rho: "We Heart Harding!"

TNT: "We 'Heart' Harding, too! (Because we heart Zeta Rho)"

Chi Sigma Alpha: "You only love us for our seniors. Hey, remember when Tim Miller made us cool?"

Regina: "Let's talk about our feelings!"

King's Men: "We are too lazy to change our Bible major's club rep."

Gamma Sigma Phi: "Hey, we've got Nate Copeland so we're cool through association!"

Alpha Tau Epsilon: "And we care because..."

Ko Jo Kai: "What's a blurb?"

Titans: "Superiority is compensation."

Theta Psi Kappa: "Our colors are black and not quite as black as the first black, but still undeniably black."

Pi Kappa Epsilon: "We enjoy a good paddling!"

Beta Omega Chi: "Jesus didn't have a sister club."

Sub T-16: "Do you have any idea how long it takes to draw that stupid submarine in the cement?"

PB '11, RH '11, KM '11


Alex said...

Delta Gamma Rho--"We are the Borg. You will be assimilated."

Seminoles--"...wait, who?"

nateinark said...

wow. some of these are spot on. you really should bash knights a little more, though.

prb said...

now that pledge week is over, I've given Knights a more appropriate blurb

TheChrisBerry said...

I was going through the HH archives and stumbled upon this gem.

Jonathan Freese actually showed me this post during pledge week. I think it was Rough Night...but during the day.