Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Blogroll

Since our start last semester, we've tried to bring a little laughter onto Harding's campus. Many of you have been extremely supportive with your contributions, feedback, endorsement, and your laughter. Some of you have a given us the honor of being included on your blogroll. This has lead to an increase in our readers, and we greatly appreciate it. I'd especially like to thank Dr. Mark Elrod of Harding for getting us out of the small student blog sphere and into the world "legit" weblogs (if you can call any blog legit) by adding us to his blogroll.

So now its our turn to return the favor. We've added a blogroll to our layout containing other Harding blogs. We've also added links to the websites of two of the most prestigious college humor magazines (The Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern and The Harvard Lampoon) and we hope you can at the least get a good chuckle from the material there also.

Enjoy these other blogs and continue to check back as we begin our second semester covering campus life here at Harding University.

Much Love,
Harding Humor

1 comment:

Becca said...

Thanks for linking me!! Just so you know, though, my LiveJournal is friends locked, so no one's going to be able to read it unless they have an LJ themselves and I add them to a list. I do have a blogspot that's public you should link to instead.

I didn't update it much last semester, but I'm going to try to update more this semester. I'll probably be posting reviews and random squee as I'm downloading and discovering new (to me) TV shows and reading new (to me) books.