Friday, March 14, 2008

Deep and Insightful Thought of the Day Contest

Post your Deep and Insightful Answer to this Deep and Insightful Question and win a post dedicated to you on Harding Humor.

Deep and Insightful Question of the Day:
If you bred a ferret with an eagle what would the resulting species name be?

AE '11, PB'11


TheChrisBerry said...


and, for the punchline...

Larry King

(I hope I'm not disqualified for entering 6 times in one comment...)

Richard said...


TheChrisBerry said...

Oh! I got another one!

A Harding student that thinks Harding needs a conservative newspaper to counter the liberal garbage of the Bison.

Wait...that's a ferret and a weasel.

Becca said...

Um, I think it should be called the Becca Burley, because a ferret/eagle would be pretty dang awesome and fierce, and I'm pretty dang awesome and fierce, so it just makes sense like that.

Becca said...

And I'm pretty sure this ferret/eagle would be pretty narcissistic, but let's not go there...

prb said...

From Will Reno, via facebook to me:

Who would want to cross breed a ferret and an eagle? That bird is gonna have NO friends in the animal kingdom. Let's call it the Charlie Brown Bird because every time that bird goes out on the animal playground to play football, they're just gonna move the ball at the last second and he's gonna look like what he really is: retarded.