Monday, August 25, 2008

Harding Fall Fashion for Men

School is back in session and that means that all the dope looks and wardrobes are being busted out in a parade of shibbiness. (That's right, that sentence just happened.) So to keep you looking fresh here, is Harding Humor's guide to fashions you might see this fall.

For men:

Wrinkled shirts are very in. The more wrinkled, the better. In fact if you can manage to wrinkle the sleeves and collars of your shirts than do it, that shows a fashion minded individual.
Also the primary scent for men is Febreeze Meadows and Rain by Proctor and Gamble. It lets people know that just because you are a poor college student you still like to smell "so fresh and so clean". Another trend that comes back every year, the facial hair classic the "don't shave". The "don't shave" is not a beard, no it is simply the fuzzy result of not shaving for a few days. Now for some of you mountain men, the "don't shave" look only lasts for a couple of hours. If this is the case I recommend using a dull disposable razor to achieve the desired fuzziness. As usual the flip flop is still the staple of the wardrobe, protecting your feet from the nasty sidewalks with minimal dressing effort. Remember these tips and maybe you can score a hot date, or even get your picture put up on Harding Humor!

PRB '11

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