Monday, August 25, 2008

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PRB '11


Nicholas said...

What a good looking newsletter!

prb said...

To TheChrisBerry: I know you frequent our blog, please don't use this as a chance to drag politics into our fun little world.

To Nicholas: I debated putting this picture up, for fear it would turn Harding Humor into a place of political debate, which is not what we are about, if anyone (mentioned above)tries to lure you into a debate, please be the bigger man and restrain yourself.

To Everyone Else: The same goes for everyone else, I just happen to know that the two bloggers mentioned above are political bloggers first and humor fans second, so I'm hoping to be proactive and prevent any debate from detracting from our laughs. But don't think that lowers either of the aforementioned in any way, because I am now addressing you others in the same way. Thanks.