Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HUH? For Real Though...

So even though Mr. Ramsey may think he was cute when he came up with the idea of Harding University Habits, I've got some bad news: there have been habits here that made me say HUH? for years. Check these out....

-The idea that riding a long board to class is in any way more efficient than just walking... or maybe just the idea that you don't look like a tool doing it.

-Sidewalk chalk is a valid form of advertising-from which you can expect results. (ex. "i'm really excited about souvenirs tonight, there should be a lot of new people after that intense sidewalk chalk campaign" followed by this reaction at the meeting "oh, its just more of the same kind of people that always come")

-Awkward = Indie (?)

-The people waiting outside of a locked classroom can be ignored by other professors with keys. (thank you bible faculty for changing this habit)

-Its okay to look exasperated when choosing to check your mail during the post chapel onslaught.

-Casual Frisbee tossing can only be performed in areas easily viewed by all students.

-The idea that whoever you are currently talking to knows everyone you know, even though that isn't mutual.

-Shoes are optional in public places (for the record I definitely saw Dr. Hopper take off his Union Jack socks and walk around/leave Midnight Oil barefoot... really? you should know better)

-Last but not least, everything can be explained with a circle graph.

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