Thursday, February 28, 2008

Deep and Insightful Thought of the Day

Having work that is in some way published or publicized be referred to as "liberal garbage" at Harding, ensures people care what you have to say. Being referred to as "hilarious" or "pretty funny" or "kinda funny sometimes" or "sounds good I should read sometime before the semester is over" or "dead" (Andrew, you are still not atoned) ensures the android problem is a lot worse than Ryan or I first suspected.

PB '11


TheChrisBerry said...

On the Liberal Garbage front, is now winning. Political Cartel is no longer in the results on the first page, and I'm number 4 on the first page.

However, the title of my post that shows up on the first page is "Political Cartel is Liberal Garbage," so I guess they should get some points for that.

Big A said...

Dangit, still not atoned...