Thursday, February 7, 2008

Google Poll

Today Harding Humor is creating (in the sense that we're claiming it even though you may have done it before) a new type of Public Poll, the Google Poll. This is where a topic is entered into the Google search engine and the results of the first page are read and the results of how many positive and negative pages are posted.
Today we searched many topics of prestige: salad and David Barton. These are the results:

5- positive pages
5- neutral pages
0- negative pages
0- irrelevant pages
Looks like the Webizens of the world love salad, or at least they don't hate it!

David Barton:
3- neutral pages
1- irrelevant page (an ad for a gym)
2- positive pages
4- negative pages
Overall, looks like David Barton loses public support in the digital world

Pseudo-Disclaimer: To anyone who would love to pull us down, specifically the writer of this piece, with petty arguments of bias know that this does not have a partisan slant at all since salad has aligned itself with Mike Huckabee and the Republican party since Huck first ran for governor of Arkansas.

PB '11, RH '11, Google


TheChrisBerry said...

If you click on the link for the ad for the gym, it's pretty sketchy. David Barton must be somehow involved.

Becca said...

'cause we all know how much Huck loves his salad...